A thought for the Philippines

It has been dreadful to watch the disaster that has struck the Philippines over the last week.

I have a forum friend who lives there, luckily on one of the lesser affected islands, but it had me looking closely from the beginning of the storm. Mother Nature is a terrible foe.

Human Nature is equally remarkable however.

Speaking of the UK, though I am sure similar – and equally generous – efforts are occurring elsewhere, nearly £40 million raised by the DEC in less than a week, and probably well past that by the time you read this.

And there was a worry that, at this time we are all feeling poorer, the BBC’s Children in Need telethon would be hit. Instead that raised a record amount of £31 million on the night.

Over £70 million donated in less than a week to aid those who deserve our support. What a remarkable animal we are at our best!